Corrugated Plastic "Post Card"

Kill The Pork
Kill The Pork
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Product Description

12" x 18" Corrugated Plastic "Post Card" or Yard Signs

Each “Post Card” sign will be mailed First Class to the elected official that you designate. If you select "Mail Sign to President Barack Obama", it will be sent to the White House. If you select an elected official or type in the name of a representative, the sign will be sent to their office in Washington.

If you select "No Printed Shipping Address" we will make this a double sided sign and it will shipped to the address that you indicate upon completion of order.

If we mail this “post card” to your representative, there is no packaging and your sign will be read by everyone along the way. These signs are very durable and should not be damaged in transit.

Price includes First Class Postage and each sign ordered will be mailed individually. Double Sided signs will be sent in bulk to the address that you indicate. Frames are available to use signs in front yard.

We can also mail larger signs with custom messages. Call 804-232-1300 for details.